Swipe right: The Filipinos' modern-day dating arena

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — With today's technological landscape, almost everything is more convenient and accessible in an instant.

Nothing could prove this more than the powerful smartphone.

As almost everyone in the younger generation carries a mobile device in their pockets, connecting with other people is a breeze.

Technology has been a huge help to the youth in shaping relationships with their loved ones, and in some cases, in forging connections with their prospective partners.

This is where the dating apps come in.

Gone are the days when blind dates and love letters sent via snail mail were the way to meet someone.

Today, looking for a potential date just takes a few taps and swipes.

Dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble have empowered millennials to present themselves to the world and mingle even with the most unlikely partners.

Now, looking for the perfect match means finding someone whose looks are favorable to your taste, and whose listed interests match yours.

This creates a virtual community where members showcase the best versions of themselves for everyone else to see, boosting the confidence of even the shyest person in the crowd.

Then there is the matter of the first move. Women don't have to play the traditional waiting game as they have become empowered to take on a more equal role in the dating and courtship process.

They have the same power to choose their partners, not merely left wondering if guys they fancy feel the same way.

With its various offerings that cater to different circles, dating apps have cemented their place in the lives of those looking for either casual relationships or serious commitments.

This platform only shows how even romance actively responds to the demands and challenges of the rapidly changing times.

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