Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant explain their new bloody diet

The lead stars of Netflix original series 'Santa Clarita Diet' dish out what to expect in the upcoming season.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 13) — The zombie genre has been a familiar trope in film and television. A person dies and becomes a limping, rotting corpse with an uncontrollable craving for flesh and blood.

That is not the case with Shiela Hammond, played by American actress Drew Barrymore, who slays it in horror-comedy web television series, "Santa Clarita Diet."

"Other than eating people, she's better than ever, she's having the time of her life," said Timothy Olyphant, who plays Joel Hammond, husband of Shiela.

The Netflix original series deals with the life of the married couple, who are both realtors leading a normal suburban life. Things take a bloody turn, literally, when Shiela suddenly dies but stays "alive," only this time, with a diet based on humans.

"Her sex life is better, the energy is off the chain, I'm like running now and chasing rabbits," Barrymore explained about her character. "I've never felt more euphoric in my life, I'm more confident at my job — probably to my detriment because she was taking everything a little too far — and yet, they are figuring out how to live around this, like I said, new norm of a crazy life while making everything try to seem normal. But it's not. But it's exciting."

On top of the problem of an undead Shiela is their teenage daughter Abby who is dealing with her mother's condition.

santa-clarita-diet-s2-002_CNNPH.jpg In "Santa Clarita Diet," Drew Barrymore plays realtor Shiela Hammond who turns into a flesh-eating zombie, while her husband Joel (played by Timothy Olyphant) and her daughter Abby (played by Liv Hewson) deal with their situation.  

"I think the stakes are higher, the show is bigger and better. We're trying to figure out this new norm," Barrymore said as the show enters its second season later in March.

The 43-year-old actress said their show is full of metaphors about life that she enjoyed discovering, even if the scenes sometimes involved a lot of gore and blood.

"I think the world is so advanced and crazy right now, that if any show was like old-fashioned, I don't think it would work in this day and age," she said. "We've just come too far in society and we know all the chaos and the nutty stuff that's going on out there. I think the incorporation of the blood is kind of the backbone which makes people go, 'Yeah, I want to eat people sometimes too.'"

She warned, however, that this season will be a game-changer. The stakes are higher, and in the second season's trailer the problem of flesh-eating zombies might go beyond the confines of their suburban home.

"Yeah, also we kind to have to figure out like, how this happened. And maybe, is there some prevention that we need to take on? And it just sort of grows outside bigger than our own home, and yet it's still that way--funny family dynamic of like, every day life. (It) has to be lived, amongst the craziest thing ever," she said.

She added she got into the formation of Shiela Hammond's development as a character, especially in this season's final episode. 

"I love how we ended last season on a little bit of an ambiguous note, but I liked that. I thought it worked. And this season, the way it ends is like, 'HOLY — you know what,'" Barrymore said.  "I don't want to give it away -- that I always find fascinating in storytelling. Like, what do you believe in and what don't you believe in? And I just thought it had this kind of this great, intellectual debate that I found really delicious."

drew-barrymore_CNNPH.jpg Barrymore says she is excited about her character's development: "I also become more alive, since becoming undead. And (I am) questioning it: maybe I was dead before."  

Olyphant also believes this season will hit it out of the park with its take on horror-comedy.

"The tone's always one of the trickiest things anytime you make a film or a television show. It's finding that sweet spot. This show just really felt like it found that sweet spot. This year just took off right off the bat," the 49-year-old actor said.

The new episodes of "Santa Clarita Diet" will be out on Netflix on March 23.

Watch the full season 2 trailer below.