Erwan Heussaff: Married life with Anne Curtis is 'everything you expect it to be'

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 2) — Half a year since their wedding and life  has been smooth sailing for celebrity blogger-restaurateur Erwan Heussaff and his wife, actress and television host Anne Curtis, who dated for eight years before jumping into marriage.

"It's everything that you kind of expected it to be and we've been together for so long so it wasn't a hard transition for us or anything like that. It's been very natural for us," Heussaff said on Tuesday CNN Philippines' New Day.

He said making their relationship work was a combined effort between him and Curtis. Heussaff  is focusing on his career in production and currently working on a video project on "Buhay Carinderia," an event featuring local eateries, in collaboration with the tourism department.  

Curtis, on the other hand, is currently balancing work as a host for the daily noontime television program "It's Showtime" and as lead actress for the  upcoming movie "Buy bust" to be released this year.

"It's saying we know that there are certain times that she'll be free and maybe I have something I can possibly move, then we'll make the adjustment, and that's the same thing from her side," Heussaff explained.

Whether in marriage or in dating, the blogger stressed the importance of balancing time and effort. He likened this to living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

"Time management for me has always been a choice. It's making sure that you do prioritize certain things," Heussaff said.  "A lot of people say we don't necessarily have time but if you were to just say, 'Five hours a week, I'll concentrate on fitness,' you will be able to find 30 minutes here, 45 minutes here and stuff like that."

Asked if there are children in the near future for the couple, he said nothing was set in stone.

"You have to balance that. When you have kids you really want to focus on each other because they become your life," he explained. 

Support in the long run

In a viral video posted by Curtis, the actress stopped to kiss and cry to Heussaff in the middle of the 2018 London Marathon on April 22.


In an Instagram photo, she also thanked her husband for accompanying her to the event and urging her on to finish the race.

Her caption read, "Your voice saying 'it's ok, you're almost there', the tap on my shoulder and kiss on my forehead were all I needed to give me that extra push when I was about [to lose] it."


Heussaff explained that some of the participants in the marathon were expecting cloudy weather on that day, but were instead greeted by a heatwave.

The 2018 marathon was the hottest day for the London marathon on record. More than 40,000 participants ran amid the 24 degrees Celsius heat and only 750 runners completed the race.

This caught Curtis off guard and made it difficult for her to continue in the run.

"I think people reacted that way because by, I think, kilometer 17th, she basically cried. She was like 'I don't think I can do this' because it was so hot. She wasn't... expecting that," Heussaff said.

Heussaff and Curtis got married in November last year but had been dating since 2010.