Love, healing, and protection powered by … crystals?

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The latest wellness trend involves healing crystals, said to bear different properties like attracting love, bringing good fortune, and protection.

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — A nondescript shop is stocked with brightly colored stones of different sizes. Crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, white agate, and lapis lazuli line the shelves, each one said to bear different properties. Some attract love, some bring good fortune, while others heal and protect.

When talking about choosing healing crystals, Daryll Barte, the shop owner of Healing Crystals and Gemstones, speaks of energy and magic.

“You will feel a tingling sensation sometimes, you feel warmth or a cold sensation. Sometimes when you see a specific crystal and then you find it irresistible, that’s the crystal’s magic,” he explains.

It’s in the same realm as meditation, essential oils, and yoga — recent wellness trends with mystic connotations that have been breaking into the mainstream over the past few years. Even astrology had a big moment last year. None of these things have any clear scientific evidence to back up their healing or fortune-altering (or fortune telling, in the case of astrology) claims, yet they've managed to stick around.

Why that is so is unclear, but some say it’s a response to a world that’s becoming increasingly unstable. In the context of the Philippines, where there is so much tension and uncertainty in the political sphere, it only makes sense to want to turn to some kind of magic for a semblance of stability.

Learn more about crystals in the video below: