POLL: Are you willing to bring a child into this ‘unstable’ world?

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Given what is happening across the globe — sea levels rising, the planet dying, etc — is it right to even bear a child? Photo by JL JAVIER

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — With all the turmoil that is happening in the country as well as the world, would people still consider wanting a child and exposing them to all the supposed chaos? This conundrum is what “Lungs,” the newest offering of The Sandbox Collective, explores. A couple, played by Jake Cuenca and Sab Jose, considers having a baby but asks: given what is happening across the globe — sea levels rising, the planet dying, etc — is it right to even bear a child?

In line with this, we also asked some young professionals who are within the typical child-rearing age range if they would be willing to bring a child into this world. Here are their answers.

Ann Tero, 27, paralegal

No, I cannot willingly bring any child to this world given the present turmoils the planet and country are facing. Being a responsible parent is a really daunting job and, to be honest, it’s difficult for me to imagine raising and giving the best life for any child given the chaotic and uncertain circumstances.

Jing Katigbak, 32, team lead

I might not be willing to bring a child while in the Philippines. Our public healthcare system here sucks and everything is expensive.

Michaella Ortega, 29, entrepreneur

I think that in terms of human development index, the world is actually better. But it’s more stressful because you have access to information about the world's issues. Having said that, I would still be willing to bring a child into the world.

Guia Galvez, 28, writer

The Philippines and the world is always in a situation of turmoil. My grandparents were born during the war, and my parents decided on a family during the dark dictatorship. All wars and turmoil always affect the poor the most. At a situation of privilege, we are given opportunities to raise our family with little to no consequence. I would still love to have my own children, and if I would be so fortunate, to adopt and raise even more children with love.

Bianca Taberna, 23, account representative

I’m definitely hesitant. Though it is still a far-away consideration, when the time comes for me to decide whether or not to have a child, I can’t help but immediately think about all the the things I’ll have to protect them from. And the things they’ll be subjected to, just because I chose to bring them into this world. I’m not sure if that’s fair. I already feel guilty thinking about it.

Jeb Fronda, 27, editor

Yes because I want to experience being a parent and growing a child. I feel like hindi naman siya masusurprise kasi ‘yun din ang mundo na kakalakihan niya.

Jovani Gustilo, 28, nurse

I think we should. Our main responsibility as a species is to propagate and to continue to produce viable offspring. Furthermore refusing to reproduce just for the fear of exposing our children to the horrors of today suggest weakness on our part. It’s true that the world as we know it sucks and will probably continue to decline but that is why we must aspire to make our children smarter, stronger, and more able to handle the stresses of today.

Rhanzel Aganan, 24, research analyst

Yes. Sabihin na nating you can raise a child para out of the question ‘yung kaya mo ba o hindi. I think it's a choice kung ano ang mas moral, bringing a child into this world kasi alam mong somehow he/she will contribute to the future or not bringing a child into this world kasi nga may turmoil.

Faizza Tanggol, 31, communications officer

It’s not entirely about the world being unstable. It’s just that it’s getting more expensive to bring a child into the world, what with diapers and education. I don’t think I’m financially ready for it.

Abee Magallona, 24, development worker

I believe in responsibility in everything, which applies also in childbearing. I strongly adhere to taking full accountability of a child (in my case, two would be the maximum in the future) and as long as I ensure that the children are psychologically, economically, physically, mentally, and spiritually secure to an extent that I can control as a parent, then I don’t think it’s a hindrance to the world, even with the ongoing crises left and right.


"Lungs" runs from Sept. 22 to Oct. 7 at the Power MAC Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati. For schedules, ticket prices, and more information, visit The Sandbox Collective Facebook page.