How do you survive the worst vacation ever?

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For Troy and KC Montero's new show, "Worst Vacation Ever," the two brothers set out to debunk bad reviews and make each other suffer the worst trip ever. Photo by JL JAVIER

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — When most people research for their next potential vacation spot, they don’t usually look at bad reviews and think “This is where I want to go next.” But for Troy and KC Montero, it’s the really bad ones that get them excited, at least in the beginning, before they have to actually get down and dirty. This is the premise of their new show on The Discovery Channel, “Worst Vacation Ever.”

Troy and KC always knew that they both wanted to do a travel show, but they didn’t want to go down the usual route of glossy “best of” round-ups. In their research, they found that despite the hundreds of good reviews that a place could get, there was always going to be one that was particularly bad. So the two set out on a two-pronged journey: one, go through the experience themselves to potentially debunk the bad review, and two, actively make each other suffer the worst vacation ever. What ensues is a lot of pain and a lot of fun.

The brothers tell us about going into situations that look good on paper, but definitely seem like a bad idea once they’re face to face with the task, such as fighting a professional Muay Thai fighter, which KC describes as a “What was I even thinking?” moment. “It's still all kinda fun. Other people would probably consider them pretty shitty. But all in hindsight, I guess our worst vacations, we can laugh about them,” says KC.

Outside of the show, Troy says that one of the worst vacations he’s ever had was on a trip to a snowboarding tradeshow in Las Vegas. On the freeway, the car they were riding went too fast, hit some gravel, and flipped and rolled. He describes the car as “basically split in half.” Thankfully, everyone came out of it alright, and most of them were even able to attend the convention, though they could barely move from the pain.

Montero Productions - 1.png On the show, the brothers consistently try to make things difficult for each other by planning surprise side-trips — including battling a professional Muay Thai fighter. Photo from MONTERO PRODUCTIONS

Having gone through so many of these types of situations, the two are able to share a bit of wisdom on enduring the worst. “There's not a worst vacation. You learn stuff, right?” says Troy.

“When it's happening, it's happening and it sucks. I think that as you, I guess, experience more, then you kind of learn that you really can't do a lot about it. So you kind of have to just let things happen. You gotta have patience,” adds KC.

KC also inadvertently points out that the right travel partner can really change your outlook. “When you travel with someone that you like,” KC then points to Troy, “that guy ... then you can turn a really crappy situation into a positive one. Because a lot of times, at the end of an episode we go ‘Was that the worst vacation?’ But no, it was actually fun.”

Whether you’re planning for a good trip or purposely driving it off the rails, Troy’s main travel trip is to pack like a backpacker. “Over the last few years I started backpacking and it really taught me a lot,” says Troy. “When you backpack in other countries, you have to be very prepared. So when you lay out your clothes, you just can't lay out your clothes. You really count your outfits. You count how many days you're gonna be there and you lay out like, this is my outfit on this day because I think we're gonna be in this area. Then, this is my outfit on this day because it's gonna be cooler. So I really get that far.”

KC, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. “Sometimes I don't pack a lot because I'll be like ‘I'll just buy it there, let’s pack light,’” he says. “But then I never buy it so I end up wearing the same dirty clothes all vacation long. I'm forgetful. So if you ask me, don't forget anything.” 


“Worst Vacation Ever” premieres on Monday, Jan. 29, at 8:10 p.m. on The Discovery Channel.