WATCH: ‘Heneral Luna’ director Jerrold Tarog on inspiration

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — After the runaway blockbuster “Heneral Luna” and the indie favorites “Sana Dati” and “Senior Year,” Jerrold Tarog has quietly become one of the country's top filmmakers.

But a lot of filmmakers have found themselves stars in their own right after a string of successes and a canny public persona. What's interesting is how Tarog has managed that jump.

Largely keeping himself out of the press and putting the focus on his work, Tarog has had his name become synonymous not with a face or a personality but with a body of work — films that tell the stories of our time or, in one case, our ancestors’ time. While he’s hopped genres and worked in a variety of styles, certain Tarog trademarks remain consistent — solid storytelling, a strong ensemble, and the capacity to make the intimate universal and the universal intimate.

Tarog will share insights and experiences working on some of his best films at Ayala Museum’s Inspire Every Day event on Saturday, July 30. With the help of CNN Philippines Life and the property management company Avida Land, the occasion will gather a band of passionate and successful minds such as Tarog and the top photographer BJ Pascual. With the theme, “Inspiration Got Us Started, Passion Keeps Us Going,” this year’s celebration will focus on the art, culture, and history that have sparked their creativity and the thoughts that have kept their fires burning.

Here's a sneak peek into the director's Inspire Every Day talk.


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