Miss PH Nicole Cordoves: Choosing Trump was unpopular yet strategic

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) Miss Grand International First Runner-Up Nicole Cordoves said she knew her controversial pageant answer would not be popular.

During the pageant night held at Westgate International Theater in Las Vegas on October 24, Cordoves answered that between the two United States presidential candidates, she would work with Donald Trump to stop war and violence.

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"If I said Hillary, I would just be complimenting her because she's already fighting the good fight with us," she told The Source on Thursday, after Trump's election as president.

"There are different ways to solve war and pursue peace, and it's usually the most innovative and creative ways...that actually solve it," she said, adding the question was posed to test their problem-solving skills.

Cordoves, a former speechwriter at the Department of Finance, is now looking to become a news correspondent.