Feng Shui expert gives tips to welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster

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(File photo) Chinese New Year celebrations in Binondo.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. Feng Shui experts say it is the year for romance and money luck. So what should you do to attract love and prosperity?

Feng Shui master Joseph Chau says money will abound in the country towards the second half of the lunar year, while buying a neutral-colored treasure box and wallet will attract abundance.

Chau offers these instructions, "When you go home you carry the treasure box going into the house. Don't be angry, you should smile... Carry the treasure box and bring out your wallet together – that means you bring the treasure going into the house... You go directly to your master's bedroom. What direction? East direction, you put in the east."

The Chinese New Year would not be complete without the red envelope called ang pao. Chau says you should put ₱88 inside your ang pao and place it inside your wallet for money luck.

But Chau warns against falling victim to fraud.

He says, mothers 50 years old and above could lose money this year, adding they should be careful of the money trap – people will use tools to steal money from their pockets or cheat them.

As for fathers, he says they should watch their health.

Chau says, "You buy a small brass bowl and put six pieces of ₱1 coins. You put this in the northwest direction of the house and master bedroom so that your father and husband will not get sick."

Chau also predicts a number of road accidents this year.

He says every household should have a gong which should be put on the south side of the house and hit it six times a day.

For those aspiring to travel or seize opportunities abroad, a golden horse figurine must be placed on the north side of the house.

Experts also say it is the best year for couples to get married.

For single ladies, wearing pink beaded accessories will help attract romance or the love of their life.

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Chau says the best way for families to attract good luck to their home is to wear new clothes in warm colors like red, orange, and yellow; turn all the lights and electrical appliances on; open all doors and windows; toss coins all over the house; prepare lucky food like tikoy; and welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster with big smiles and positivity.