WATCH: Dove redefines beauty in 60 seconds

On Monday, Manila hosted an international spectacle that was a matter of national pride.

Resplendent in jaw-dropping garb, 86 ladies gracefully strutted their stuff and showcased their wit, fighting to be named the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Indeed, that Monday morning put the beauty, grace, and intellect of women on the world stage. A couple of women clearly stood out, as they grabbed the spotlight with their unique points of view. Miss Canada Siera Bearchell stood up against body-shamers, while Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were proudly declared, “Every shape, every size, every height is beautiful.”

Dove champions this sentiment with its #RealBeauty is Universal campaign, which continues the brand's tradition of challenging beauty ideals. In a film that opens with the question of why we search the universe for just one type of beauty, Dove features a diverse group of women with unique looks, personalities, and backgrounds.

"From the young daydreamer to the devoted educator; the radiant, multi-tasking mother-of two; to the renowned designer who’s learning to love her gray locks – every woman has a story to tell," the brand said in a statement.

Watch them prove how #RealBeauty is truly universal.