LOOK: Husband receives unique Valentine surprise – a chicken bouquet

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, February 14) -- Men can receive bouquets too -- in this case, chicken bouquets.

Guia Lazarte presented one to her husband Kraig at KFC, Tycoon Center, Ortigas on Wednesday. This Valentine's Day is their first as a married couple.

"There are many unconventional flowers that I see in the market or social media. So, I thought... why not KFC chicken?" said Guia.

She said Kraig was a big fan of the fast-food chain, and he even spent his 25th birthday there. She added the chicken was his favorite item on the menu.

Kraig in turn said he was surprised, even if he had a hunch his wife was up to something. He added he was thankful for Guia's gift.

When asked how he would describe his relationship with Guia, he said, "[Like] KFC fried chicken... tender."

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The two worked on the same floor of an international bank, and often passed by each other in the lobby or car park. Guia even fondly recalled how he opened the door for her one day.

"Little did I know, I [was] his crush too," she said, with a jolt of kilig.

Kraig asked a mutual friend to introduce the two, then after some online conversations, finally went to work earlier than his shift to ask Guia out to dinner.

"I could tell you a lot of stories on how we really fell in love with each other and still those are not enough to explain it. You just know it when you know it," said Guia.

She also said that despite still in the honeymoon stage, they are also navigating their clash in personalities.

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"Eventually I learned to completely submit to my husband... He also learned to live by the quote 'Happy wife, happy life!'" said Guia, laughing.

"In every fight that we had we make sure that it's not about winning or losing, it's not about who's right or wrong. We are a team, partners in everything, so we'll either win together or lose together," she added.

Guia and Kraig are planning to take a vacation to Palawan within the year.

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