These Filipinas defy hair norms. And they love it.

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The hair is one's crowning glory, as a proverbial saying goes. Society, however, has dictated the ideal for beautiful hair among women — long, black, neatly-set and shiny-looking tresses.

In a country like the Philippines, where people go gaga over celebrities with fair skin, pointed noses, and lustrous hair, such has been the standard for the longest time.

With the current norm, coming from a different mold doesn't only equate to being regarded as less beautiful. It also means having to deal with a plethora of criticisms: short hair is just for guys; curly, bold hair is dirty and messy; and loud-colored hair is ridiculous and unprofessional, among others.

But despite people's disapproval, some Filipinas fearlessly defy the norms and stand for the look they really want.


People say no one would take Michelle, a business director, seriously with her hair dyed blue, purple and gray.

Tetris, an opera singer, is often told to straighten her curly hair instead to make it look better.

"They say it's too wild, fake, and ugly," Tetris said.

Meanwhile, Dea, a flight attendant, said people call her more handsome than her husband. 

"They say why did you cut your hair, are you going through something? It's too short," Dea said.

The three were told the same thing: to go back to their previous, normal hair. But they stand tall and brush off the criticisms they receive. They all stick to their unconventional hair.

"It actually gives me strength to be creative, to be bold, to be different," Michelle said.

Tetris, meanwhile, also chooses to keep her bold and curly hair. She said, "I love that it's natural. My hair is me."

Despite her short hair, Dea assures people that she can still look beautiful and feminine.

Michelle, Tetris, and Dea are among the Filipinas in Dove's latest campaign that seeks to empower women no matter what their preferred hair color and style may be.

In a video, Dove featured women who chose to keep their hair despite drawing criticism from people around them, with the hope that this will inspire more to do the same.

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