Who is Jejomar Binay?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Early in the presidential race, almost everyone thought he already bagged the presidency. But recent election surveys show tides have turned, with his numbers trailing behind. We look into the United Nationalist Alliance's standard bearer Jejomar Binay.

Full Name: Jejomar Cabauatan Binay

Birthday: November 11, 1942

Birthplace: Manila

Party: United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)

On corruption allegations against him, this is what the vice president has to say:

"At least we use the word allegations, kasi these are not ended issues, ended in the sense that there was no intervention on the part of the court to say that you're guilty or not. This is what we call demolition by perception. What am I doing against all these lies based on lies. I've been talking straight to the people. It's unfortunate that 'di ako maka-ano sa media. So I started go in to the provinces and speak to people, nagkaroon naman ng epekto," he told CNN Philippines Chief Correspondent Pia Hontiveros in a one-on-one interview.

Platform of Government: Higher economic growth

Gary Teves, former Finance secretary and current UNA treasurer, told CNN Philippines that Jejomar Binay wants to continue higher economic growth by investing more in infrastructure and ensuring that action is taking place quicker.

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"We first have to generate more resources externally by inviting foreign investors and making sure that environment is really conducive to foreign investments," said Teves.

"We were amending economic provisions of the Constitution to allow foreign investors to invest in areas that have been disallowed or limited — land, public utilities. He will also emphasize on inclusive growth, and provide emphasis on health and education."



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