Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — He was a latecomer in the presidential race but has surged as survey frontrunner towards the final stretch of the campaign period.

PDP-Laban standard bearer Rodrigo Duterte is now the target of criticism because of his style of governance, language, and personal affairs.

Full Name: Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Birthday: March 28, 1945

Birthplace: Maasin, Southern Leyte

Party: PDP-Laban

Duterte has given himself a deadline to end crime and corruption in the country, if elected president. Here's what he said at the CNN Philippines Town Hall.

"Sabi ko I will do it in 3-6 months. If I cannot hack it in the 4th month, I can never ever do it. Even if you give me 3 terms, 10 years."

He added, "Subukan niyo ako. I am willing to put at stake my honor, my life and the office itself."

Platform of government: Fight vs. crime and corruption

What are the top priorities of Rodrigo Duterte's platform of government?

"Our top three would be 24/7 fight against crime and corruption, which is the core of Mayor Duterte's and Senator's Cayetano's campaign. Second we promote the development of our economy by tying this up with our advocacy on federalism, which is regional development," Duterte's spokesman Peter Laviña told CNN Philippines.

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"The last is we should have equality before the law and give equal opportunities for everyone."

He added that Duterte wants to push for the proper implementation of laws.

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