Who is Francis Escudero?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Sen. Francis Escudero is no stranger to politics. He's been in government since becoming a congressman in 1998, and then later, a senator. Find out more about the man more popularly known as "Chiz."

Full Name: Francis Joseph Guevara Escudero

Birthday: October 10, 1969

Birthplace: Manila

Party: Independent

Unlike his runningmate Sen. Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero was an early favorite in the vice presidential race.

But his ratings faltered later on in the game.

He is known for shifting alliances during elections.

In 2010, he shifted alliances from then vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas to Jejomar Binay, endorsing the tandem 'Noy-Bi' later on. With the public welcoming a 'Noy-Bi' tandem, Binay won the vice presidency.

When asked about his loyalty to Sen. Poe, this is how he responded:

"Hindi ba sa relasyon sa pulitika o sa partido, pwede mo lang masabi na iniwanan ka ng tao kapag nagkasama kayo? Ni hindi kami nagkasama para iwanan ko siya e."

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Is the country's second highest post just a "spare tire"?

During the vice presidential debate organized by CNN Philippines, Escudero said the idea that the position is a spare tire only surfaced during the recent administrations, as the vice president was tasked to look into housing, which some people think is a meager responsibility.

Chiz Escudero Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero taking a photograph with his supporters. Photo by JL Javier

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Escudero deemed if only the past administrations have been keen in providing more shelter for informal settlers, the country could have been more progressive, citing Taiwan as an example.