PNP tracks more than 20 policemen 'linked' to drug trade

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The President named three police generals on Tuesday for allegedly being involved in illegal drugs operations.

For the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (AIDG), these officials may have received protection money from drug syndicates.

The PNP is cleansing its ranks of the illegal drug trade.

And the AIDG says they will continue to do so until all erring policemen are eliminated.

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Newly-installed AIDG chief Albert Ferro says a composite team is now tracking the movements of more than 20 policemen linked to the illegal drug trade.

Ferro says the team needs to get sufficient evidence to file a case, and possibly, "neutralize" them as soon as possible.

And even in his backyard, Ferro says he heard rumors some of his men are involved in illegal drugs.

But he clarifies, this needs to be validated to protect the upright policemen.

Random drug testing continues at Camp Crame on Tuesday with agencies such as the AIDG, Highway Patrol Group, and Anti-Cybercrime Group.

The PNP says this proves they are serious in their fight against illegal drugs.