NCRPO: Probe on alleged summary killings underway

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The Metro Manila police force is not letting alleged victims of summary execution go unnoticed.

They have recovered 37 bodies from July 1 to 17, and National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Oscar Albayalde says the killings may be related to illegal drugs.

National Police Commission (Napolcom) Vice Chairman Rogelio Casurao even says policemen may be allowing the vigilante-style killings to happen.

Casurao admits, even policemen may be involved in these incidents.

But Albayalde says they are not condoning these acts, and are probing incidents of drug-related killings without suspects.

He adds some of those killed were on the Philippine National Police (PNP) watchlist — which is seen only by policemen.

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From July 1 to 17, the police killed 70 drug suspects in Metro Manila whom they claimed resisted arrest.

Meanwhile, on a national scale, 194 drug suspects were killed from July 1 to 19 or 10 deaths per day.

Albayalde claims their anti-drug and crime campaign is working with the downward trend in crimes.

He is confident of meeting the three-to-six-month deadline of President Duterte to curb criminal activities.

But rights group Amnesty International says extrajudicial killings are not the solution — regardless of the crime situation.

The group says an effective criminal justice system will build public confidence in government institutions.