Duterte to 300 rogue police: Pack your bags, you're going to Basilan

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — President Rodrigo Duterte spared no insults as he gave some 300 rogue police officers from the Philippine National Police NCRPO (National Capital Region Office) a cuss-ridden rebuke at the Malacañang grounds on Tuesday afternoon.

The original plan, according to authorities, was to have these erring policemen--facing a range of administrative charges--clean up the notoriously polluted and foul-smelling Pasig river as part of their punishment. But the President apparently changed his mind: instead, he told them to get ready for deployment in war-torn Basilan, where they will be sent on a two-year tour of duty.

"Gusto ko kayong ihulog diyan p*****i**** Pasig (River) na 'yan pero wag na lang... Magbalik kayo dito. Mag-swimming trunks. Linisin nyo ang Pasig River. Inumin niyo kasi madumi, p*****i** kayo," Duterte told the rogue police officers in Malacañang.

[Translation: I want to throw you in the Pasig River, son of a bitch, but never mind. Come back here. Wear your swimming trunks. Clean Pasig River. Drink the dirty water.]

The harsh words from the President might not have pained the erring policemen as much as the prospect of going to Basilan to possibly face dreaded terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf and Moro rebel groups.

Mister Duterte gave the 300 policemen a choice: Follow his deployment order or resign.

"Ipadala kayo sa Basilan. Tumira kayo doon nang mga dalawang taon. Kung lumusot kayo buhay, balik kayo dito. Kung doon kayo mamatay, sabihin ko sa pulis wag na mag-gastos para dalhin kayo dito. Doon na kayo ilibing," he said.

[Translation: I will send you to Basilan. You will live there for two years. If you come out alive, come home. If you die there, I will tell the police not to spend to bring home your corpse. You will be buried there.]

The 300 policemen brought to Duterte are facing administrative charges for various offenses, ranging from simple neglect of duty to grave misconduct. PNP officials said some of them tested positive for illegal drugs, while others are involved in extortion activities. Some are even on absence without official leave.

The hundreds of policemen refused to give their reactions on camera to CNN Philippines, saying they prefer to spare themselves--and their families--of the humiliation. 

This irritated PNP Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa.

"So what?! Anong gusto nila? So what kung makita ang mukha nila? Mahiya sila? So what?!" he said.

[Translation: What do they want? So what if their faces are seen on TV? They get embarrassed?]

Dela Rosa earlier recommended that these police officers undergo re-training--saying he believes many of them can still be reformed. 

"Itong grupo na ito, pwede pa itong ma-reform. Minor offenses ang mga kaso nila. Hindi naman talagang heinous crime," said the PNP chief, who added he'll try to convince the President again.

[Translation: This group, they can be reformed. Their only have minor offenses. Not really heinous crimes.]

But for the President, his decision is already final.

"Hindi ako mag-retraining. Anong i-retraining ko sa inyo? P*****i***,  tapos na training niyo araw-araw," he said.

[Translation: There will be no re-training. What re-training should I give to you? Son of a bitch, your training is done, every day.]

The President advised the policemen that if they choose to resign, they better find a decent job and keep a clean lifestyle. Duterte warned that if they choose to join crime syndicates, they will face the consequences of breaking the law.