Teen attends prom wearing Miss Bulgaria's pageant gown

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Two months after becoming one of the luckiest girls in town in the eyes of many Miss Universe fans, 15-year-old Zyra Nicole Cifra finally attended prom wearing her famed blue gown from Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva.

Like a dream come true, the teen, who had been handpicked by Ancheva as the recipient of her Sherri Hill Miss Universe gown, went to her prom donning the dress Miss Bulgaria had worn and given her after the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.

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On Saturday, a proud Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva posted an Instagram photo of her wearing the Sherri Hill gown alongside that of Zyra wearing the gown at the prom.

Ancheva, who is happy to see her gown being put to good use, shared how elated she is to see Zyra finally going to prom.

"Today is a big day for me! It's Zyra's prom - the beautiful Filipina that was chosen to wear the dress I was wearing on Miss Universe pageant! I am so excited! Good luck, Zyra! Bulgaria loves Philippines," she said.

Ancheva shared a similar message in a video message to CNN Philippines.

"I'm very happy and excited because yesterday was Zyra's prom and finally I saw her with my dress and she was amazing and very beautiful," she said, adding "I want to wish you good luck Zyra."


The lucky teen also took to social media to express her happiness.

Despite being bullied by some netizens who felt she did not deserve the gown, the teen, who was later defended by Ancheva, was all smiles in her profile picture.

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In her Facebook post, Zyra said. "I feel so blessed because of this lucky charm gown of Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva. I will always cherish the memorable experiences and I thank God for everything. Words can't describe how grateful I am."

She added, "Thank you so much to everyone who made my prom a magical night. I love you all!!"


In her video message, Ancheva said she hoped her actions would inspire people to share their blessings with others.

"I really hope to be example for many people to do the same as me. And we don't have to forget that all of we are people and have to help each other," said Ancheva.

She said she could not wait to return to the Philippines, which she considers her second home.

Each Miss Universe contestant received a gown as a present from Sherri Hill.

Before returning to Bulgaria, Violina Ancheva announced she would pass on her Sherri Hill gown to a girl who needed a prom dress.

After sifting through thousands of messages, Ancheva handpicked single mother Issay Gallano and her daughter, Zyra, who then received the surprise of their lives.

Only a few hours before heading to the airport, Ancheva managed to arrange a meeting with a teary-eyed Gallano, who, in a fortunate twist of fate, could finally give her daughter a gown to make her dream prom come true.