Duterte to soldiers: Don't surrender to enemies

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 18) — President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a strong message to soldiers this afternoon: don't get taken alive.

"In places na walang pag-asa, huwag kang mag-surrender kasi bababuyin ka lang. Pagkatapos niyan, paluhurin ka sa harap ng telebisyon, gugulgulin ka," he said

[Translation: In places where there is no hope, don't surrender because they'll strip you of your dignity. After that, they'll make kneel in front of the television, and kill you.]

The President said he wanted soldiers to be spared from this kind of indignity, so he wants them to have protection even when they're not on duty.

He said he wants soldiers to be given sidearms to protect themselves from enemies who have their eye on government troops.

"Ang ayaw ko doon, 'yung patayin nila ang tao na walang armas. Walang kalaban-laban. So sabi ko, hindi pwede ito. Kailangan ko talaga to place my soldiers on equal footing with them," he said.

[Translation: What I don't like is unarmed people get killed. Without a fight. I told myself, this cannot happen. I need to place my soldiers on equal footing with them.]

Bayonets, Duterte said, are no match to firearms. Duterte said he would give soldiers a sidearm with two extra magazines. Two of those will be meant for enemies.

"Huwag kayong mag-surrender na buhay. Nakuha mo 'yang baril na 'yan, patay kayo. Is that clear?" He said.

[Translation: Do not surrender alive. You have that gun, fight. Is that clear?]

He added, "Kaya 'yung pangatlong magazine, 'yung tatlong bala niyan, para na sa iyo 'yan. 'Pag ma-corner ka, all you have to do is to raise your right hand with a f****** sign, kainin mo 'yung baril, t*** i** ninyo.

[Translation: So that third magazine, the three bullets there, that's for you. When you get cornered, all you have to do is raise your right hand, raise your middle finger, put the gun in your mouth, f*** y**.]

He added he was not in favor of troops not being allowed to bring sidearms outside of camp.

"I will overrule that kind of regulations because it is stupid," he said.

The President warned soldiers, though, of thinking that a gun is something to play around with, and said the best defense would be not to let anyone know that they carried a gun.

"So ngayon, sabi ko, I do not mind losing the gun to the enemy. But do not give it to them alive. Ibigay mo sa kanila 'yan, patay ka," he said.

[Translation: I am saying, I do not mind losing the gun to the enemy. But do not give it to them alive. Let them have it when you're dead.]