Watch: Troopers rescue wounded comrades in Marawi

Marawi City (CNN Philippines, July 21) — With the government inching closer toward liberating the war-torn city of Marawi, the valiant effort of troopers rescuing their wounded comrades was captured on video.

A two-minute footage released by the Joint Task Force Marawi follows the military's special forces during the morning of July 16, the 54th day of the crisis, where two combat engineers were wounded by enemy snipers.

Special forces member Private First Class Estanoco, while rescuing one of the combat engineers, was shot on his leg. The team then discussed their game plan aboard an armored vehicle.

Orders for the rescue can be heard from a certain Lt. Tamayo: "Bagbagan niyo yung sa kanan yung kulay blue. Wag niyo bagbagin yung 131 kasi may tropa doon. Bagbagan niyo nang 30 seconds. Tatapon kami ng smoke."

[Translation: Shoot the enemy at blue house on the right. Avoid friendlies on the left, 131. Fire for 30 seconds, while we throw smoke grenades.]

They then started firing at the position of the enemies and throwing smoke grenades to cover their movements.

The video then turns to Corporal Binas lying on the ground, saying to the rescuing trooper, "Sir, ang baril ko. Ang paa ko, may tama ang paa. (Sir, my gun. I'm hit in the leg.)"

The soldier's face shows the pain, but for troops, what's important is he's alive.

59 days since the hostilities broke, 99 government troops have died while hundreds wounded, but the fight continues as soldiers and policemen move forward and gain control of vital areas.

An ISIS flag is still hoisted on a building at the downtown area, and nobody knows until when the remaining Maute fighters can stand the air and ground bombardments from government troops.

Even the soldiers can't say when they'll finish the fight.

But what they promise is that they give their best to finish the battle as soon as they can.