WATCH: Jonas Burgos' mother tells acquitted army officer, fight not over

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 12) — It was a sad day for Edita Burgos after an army officer was acquitted of abducting her son, activist and "desaparecido" Jonas.

But when the suspect, Major Harry Baliaga, Jr. approached her after the court decision was read, Edita Burgos welcomed him calmly, held his hand and said the fight for justice is not yet over.

"Ngayon lang 'yan ah, tuloy pa kami, 'ah (That's just for now. We will keep fighting)," she said.

Baliaga smiled.

Branch 216 of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on Thursday dismissed arbitrary detention charges against Baliaga.

The court ruled that the prosecution failed to prove Baliaga's involvement in the abduction of Jonas Burgos from a mall in Quezon City on April 28, 2007.

In a chance interview with reporters after the hearing, Edita Burgos turned emotional when asked about the court decision.

"This is a bad day, I feel so bad, but we will find Jonas," she said.

Baliaga, meanwhile, said he felt vindicated.

"I'm happy because for a very long time nakamit ko rin yung justice na hinihingi ko (I got the justice I've been longing for)," he said.

This is the latest development in the decade-old case of the country's most famous "desaparecido." Jonas Burgos, a farmer-acitivist, was 37 years old when he was kidnapped by alleged military agents. He is now 47, still missing but his family believes he is still alive. His mother began the battle for justice in June 2011.

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CNN Philippines' Camille Abadicio contributed to this report.