Duterte: EU can 'go to hell' if they don't accept reason for tirades

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President Rodrigo Duterte (file photo)

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 25) — The President said the European Union (EU) can "go to hell" if they do not accept the explanation behind his tirades against it.

In a speech at the Association of Southeast Asian Law Association, President Rodrigo Duterte explained that he appointed the Special Envoy to the EU Edgardo Angara, who is in talks with EU officials about his recent lash-out against the international body.

"He's been trying to explain to them but I said to him, 'If they listen to you sir, fine. If not, then they can all go to hell,'" Duterte said.

Duterte also lamented how the group prejudges the anti-drug campaign, focusing on the number of people killed without looking at the reasons behind the killings.

"It appalls me to learn that they can be so stupid about it. That did not --- almost an ignoramus," he added.

On October 12, the President attacked the European Union, which he claimed threatened to have the country expelled from the United Nations (UN) because of his war on drugs. He was reportedly referring to delegates of the Progressive Alliance and Party of European Socialists, who do not represent the European Union.

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Since May, the Philippines has refused monetary aid from EU due to criticisms on his anti-drug campaign. The Palace said the country will not accept help that comes with conditions that may affect internal affairs.

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But Angara clarified that foreign aid don't usually come with conditions, trade agreements do.

"Aid is outright grant and is granted usually for humanitarian purposes like extreme climate like Haiyan or extreme Islam like ISIS. Trade, usually either with the U.S., lalo na sa Japan… and with the EU, may condition sila na you must comply first of all with environmental protection. You must comply with what is right and you must have human rights." Angara said.

Earlier, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano said trade with the EU should not be affected by the President's clear directive not to accept aid with conditions.

"Walang problema sa trade, why? Kasi sa trade you pay for what you buy eh. So kung mayroon man na privileges, let's say less tax on certain goods… their consumers benefits and then we also benefit," he said.

Cayetano said he even told EU officials that if they insist on sending aid, they may do so through international organizations like the Red Cross or send them directly to their chosen communities.