Duterte: Someone needs to reach out to Kim Jong Un

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President Rodrigo Duterte and North Korea's supreme leader Jong Un. (FILE PHOTO)

Davao City (CNN Philippines, October 30) — President Rodrigo Duterte believes world leaders should reach out to Kim Jong Un to calm down the North Korean leader.

Duterte on Sunday said Kim needs to be assured that they are not out to wage a war against the reclusive regime.

"It would be good if America, Japan, Korea, and Mr. Kim Jong Un to talk and to convince him to sit down on a round table and just tell him that nobody's threatening him, that there will be no war, and that if he can just tone down or stand down, stop the threats, and that would be the same for America," he said prior to his departure to Japan for a working visit.

For his part, Duterte assured Kim there are no plans to oust the North Korean leader, who has been in power for over six years.

"For America, Japan, Korea and all, including the Philippines, that they will guarantee that no threat in the offing, or there is no plan at all really to remove him, and that he would just stay where you are right now," he said.

"We can start with the talks and perhaps talk to him and say, 'In the meantime, we are not stopping you forcefully, but it would go a long way if there is somebody whom you can talk to.' And these are the countries that would make a difference," added the President, who has referred to Kim in the past as a "small guy" with "dangerous toys."

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Nuclear war is unacceptable, he said, adding that China is the one country that can talk Kim out of its testing and use of nuclear weapons.

"But the one single country really that can calm him down, China. And the one country also threatened, together with Japan, of a nuclear war would be China, Japan, and South Korea. And the rest of the world," Duterte  said.

The tension in the Korean Peninsula is among the key issues to be discussed when the Philippines hosts the ASEAN Leaders' Summit in November. Defense ministers of the 10-member grouping and their counterparts from Australia, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States reiterated their call for dialogue with North Korea in their meeting in Clark, Pampanga ahead of the summit.

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Duterte also gave a reassurance he will treat U.S. President Donald Trump with utmost respect when they meet for the ASEAN Summit.

He has heavily criticized U.S. and its former President Barack Obama with expletive-laden tirades in his speeches.

"I would deal with President Trump in the most righteous way, welcome him as an important leader, as a matter of fact, the important leader on this side of the planet. And, I would have to also listen to him what he has to say. My responses would be calibrating of what he would ask me," he said.

Duterte and Trump will hold a bilateral meeting. Although the date of the meeting is still unknown, Trump will be in the Philippines on November 12 and 13 for the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and Related Meetings in Clark, Pampanga.

Their bilateral talks will also likely tackle the administration's "Build, Build, Build" infrastructure program, as well as economic cooperation and security, according to Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano.