Sereno: Outcome of hearing seemed predetermined

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 8) — Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has spoken up after the House vote saying there was probable cause to impeach her.

Speaking to CNN Philippines Senior Anchor Pinky Webb Thursday, Sereno said, the outcome of the hearing seemed "predetermined."


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Members of the House Committe on Justice voted 38-2 against Sereno, saying there was "sufficient evidence" to prosecute her.

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Sereno said she was not surprised by the result.

When asked how she felt about how the House conducted the hearings, Sereno said she lamented her camp not being allowed to cross-examine witnesses, even as Atty. Larry Gadon – the person who lodged an impeachment case against her – showed he had no personal knowledge of the allegations.

"There were already serious perjuries being committed, but still, there was no stop to the proceedings going on," Sereno said.


She added the hearings proved nothing.

The Chief Justice said her only call remains, "Sinimulan nila, wakasan nila. Dalhin na nila sa Senado."

[Translation: They started it, they should end it. They should take it to the Senate.]

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Sereno also said she had to consider the merit behind the declassification of her psychiatric evaluation.

"What is behind it? What do they call confidential or not? In any case...when we get to the Senate, that can easily be debunked," she said.

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She recalled the statement released by the Psychological Association of the Philippines, saying there was "utter lack of basis" for the testimony given in the House by someone who has never met her.

"That throws the whole question of expertise open," Sereno said.

She added, "Ang tingin ko [The way I see it], we have to give occasion to the legal community to weigh in on that. Because we have privacy rights, we have the right of the Judicial and Bar Council, we have the right of whether there will be a misuse of these testing tools, and you have the question of the political motives behind all of this."

Sereno however, demurred from revealing what legal steps her team would make as her impeachment case moves to the Senate.

When asked on the issue of the quo warranto case, her Statement of Assests, Liabilities and Net worth, and whether or not her appointment as Chief Justice was valid, she merely said to wait for the proceedings and let her lawyers do their job.

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"Maraming maling nasabi. Gusto naman namin mag-participate, ayaw nila kaming ipa-participate, e di sige. Kayo na lang muna. You have your day, we will have our day," she said.

[Translation: A lot of wrong this have been said. We wanted to participate, but they did not want us to. Then okay, you can go first. You have your day, we will have our day.]

Duterte involvement?

Sereno's team has said there was a grand conspiracy to oust her from her post, but as to who was behind it, she said she had no idea.

"Your guess is as good as mine," she told Webb.

"The President keeps on disclaiming any knowledge or participation about this whole thing. Then we have to ask where Calida's actions are coming from. Maybe the people themselves should be asking these questions," she said.

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When asked if she thought President Rodrigo Duterte had a hand in the call for her impeachment, Sereno said, "If he says he has nothing to do with it, then he has nothing to do with it."

She was keeping her opinion on the matter to herself, she said.

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