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Senators await President Rodrigo Duterte's report justifying his declaration of martial law.

Following the implementation of the new anti-distracted driving law last Thursday, senators want to temporarily suspend it due to unclear regulations.

Detained Senator Leila De Lima personally attended the hearing on the case accusing her of refusing to attend a Congressional inquiry on the drug trade inside the Bilibid.

The non-profit organization said telecommuting will enhance productivity of employees, allow flexible time and the ability to work from home.

Train problems continue to hound thousands of MRT commuters on a daily basis. The transportation department reports technical glitches on the MRT at the rate of 33 per month from January to April 2017. Today, the Senate Committee on Public Services resumes its investigation into the chronic train problems and former transport secretary Jun Abaya attended the investigation.

An MRT official said there will be no more long lines at the MRT-3 by the end of the year, as management plans to deploy more trains by December.

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed another uniformed official in his Cabinet. While many welcome the move, militant groups frown at this development.

Improvement in the country's internet services may still be two to three years away as Information and Communications Technology officials cite many challenges along the way, including the upgrade of infrastructure to reach far-flung areas.

Various women's groups filed an ethics complaint against Senator Tito Sotto over his "na-ano" remark on Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo.