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Eight out of ten millennials in the country support President Duterte-- at least according to a new survey. In this report, we tell you what issues concern young Filipinos the most.

In the wake of frequent breakdowns and accidents in the MRT, a transport official who supervises the train system is resigning. How are the Transport Chief and lawmakers reacting to this unexpected move?

Business tycoon Ramon Ang said Wednesday that his buyout of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was complete.

Former Transport Secretary Joseph Abaya and Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI) are facing yet another graft complaint for the P3.8-billion maintenance contract of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT 3).

Former Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya, along with officials of the MRT's previous maintenance provider are facing yet another graft complaint. This time, the case was filed by militant group, Bayan. It's urging the government to take over the train system's maintenance instead.

Transport authorities set up the scheme so commuters don't have to wait in line at the troubled Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT-3).

Authorities held a test run for the special point-to point bus service it will offer to MRT passengers beginning tomorrow. The trip took much longer than expected but authorities said the dry run was successful in giving commuters an option in case of train shortage or breakdown.

Transport officials say they will study how to improve the buses' travel time.

As less trains on the MRT-3 carry fewer passengers, transport officials scramble for alternatives to commuters' woes.

The Transportation Department has finally terminated the contract of Busan Universal Rail Incorporated for the maintenance of the MRT 3. The government will maintain the MRT 3 for now. Promising much better service for commuters. Busan, however, will take the case to court. Saying the glitches of the MRT are nobody's fault but the government's.