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What can visitors expect when Boracay reopens to the public?

Authorities prepare for Boracay's reopening on October 26th after six months of rehabilitation. Officials say visitors can expect radical changes in the famous tourist destination.

A number of activities were held on the first day of the dry run to highlight that Boracay is now clean and safe to all tourists.

Boracay's big day won't be until October 26, but on Monday, the government started its dry run for the grand reopening of the world-famous island.

China has nothing to worry about as it prepares for President Xi Jinping's visit to Manila in November. Contrary to China's apprehension, the country will not be joining any military drills with the U.S. next month.

Arouse, organize, mobilize, the military claims this is the scheme brought into universities by communist rebels to recruit members. School officials and students red-tagged by the armed forces are disputing this.

A U.S. think tank paints a grim picture of the persisting threat of violent extremism in Mindanao. But an international conflict monitoring group believes otherwise, saying there is more to foreign terror groups on why violence continues in the south.

Two years since President Duterte ordered the scaling down of joint U.S. and Philippine military exercises, the two countries' defense ties appear stronger than ever. The two armed forces recently agreed to step up joint trainings, increasing the number of activities for 2019.

It is business as usual. This is how the Armed Forces of the Philippines describe the state of troops amid rumors of recruitment among ranks to destabilize the government.

'Where is common sense in Senator Trillanes's case?' asks former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte, as he describes the Duterte government's actions against the opposition senator as 'disproportionate.'