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Some relief in a continuing housing standoff in Pandi, Bulacan, which began when members of Kadamay occupied government houses built for uniformed personnel of the government. While an eviction notice has been served last week, forced eviction now seems unlikely following a dialogue with the National Housing Authority.

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption says Vice President Leni Robredo must apologize as she embarrassed President Rodrigo Duterte and the country before the international community for divulging the "Palit-Ulo" scheme. But, the Philippine National Police admits the scheme exists, but not how Robredo defined it.

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption said VP Leni Robredo should apologize for reporting very serious allegations on Duterte's war on drugs to the United Nations.

Labor groups are protesting the government's latest order, that does not quite end contractualization. They want Labor secretary Silvestre Bello to resign and remind President Rodrigo Duterte that ending contractualization is one of his biggest campaign promises.

The country's new top diplomat faces a barrage of questions on Benham Rise. Did China have permission to survey the area as President Duterte said?

In Metro Manila's major highway, millions of vehicles are competing daily for limited space. Traffic managers are coming up with drastic ways to relive congestion. For one, charging motorists who use the road.

Fees to use the EDSA is not a new idea, says transportation expert Rene Santiago. It's a concept that works in other countries, but he doubts it will work in Metro Manila.

Motorists may be paying for the use of EDSA during peak hours should a new 'congestion pricing' scheme considered by the MMDA be implemented along the thoroughfare.

The government hits back at China for saying the Philippines has no right to claim Benham Rise as its territory. Today, both MalacaƱang and the Foreign Affairs department mince no words: Benham Rise belongs to the Philippines.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Charles Jose said there is no doubt to the Philippines' claim over Benham Rise.