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Rallyists say the incident is a reflection of the administration's brutality on the poor.

Transport remains one of the country's biggest concerns: from the government's jeepney modernization program to its regulation of ride sharing services. CNN Philippines takes a look at the issues hounding the transport sector, ahead of President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation Address on Monday.

Former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno raised concerns over the progress of the move to change the constitution.

Transport authorities will start releasing over 200,000 motor vehicle plates on Thursday. The first batch cover pending license plates from July to October 2016.

Metro Manila water companies are also proposing a price hike and the public is not happy about it.

Rate-rebasing is the process of adjusting water rates every five years.

Looks like a major thoroughfare in Manila will remain closed to motorists until early next year.

Labor officials will soon decide on the case of striking workers at NutriAsia protesting illegal labor practices.

The police is defending its operations arresting loiterers or tambays, saying they've been doing this since President Rodrigo Duterte began his term. The PNP chief clarifies tambays will not be arrested unless they break the law.

DOLE will re-evaluate its previous review that there was labor-only contracting at NutriAsia.