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Anti-crime watchdog urges detention of Senator Leila De Lima in "ordinary jail" if arrested on illegal drugs charges.

Solicitor General Jose Calida suggests that Sen. Leila De Lima had a hand in what he believes was the wrongful conviction of Janet Lim Napoles for illegal detention, all because Napoles "might implicate bigger fishes."

Solicitor General Jose Calida says that more senators and higher officials had a hand in the multi-billion peso pork barrel scam, and Janet Lim Napoles might bring them closer to the truth.

Only 32 flights per hour can be accommodated from March 6 to 11 while the Tagaytay air traffic radar undergoes a "world-class" upgrade.

Although aftershocks are expected in the next few weeks, PHIVOLCS dispels fears that an earthquake larger than the 6.7 quake will hit Surigao again.

Innocent people may still be killed under the death penalty, said a former Chief Justice.

Adopting a federal system means imposing more taxes, particularly separate federal and state taxes, says former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

Award-winning singer Lea Salonga tells viewers what to expect in her upcoming concert "Songs from the Stage" this February.

Akbayan Representative Tom Villarin slammed House Speaker Bebot Alvarez's approach as "dictatorial" for threatening to remove congressional leaders who oppose a proposal to revive the death penalty.

The commissioners of the Energy and Regulatory Commission are appealing to the President that they be given due process — and they maintain that they are not involved in any corruption in the agency's bidding and approval process.