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After the latest round of jeepney fare and power rate increases, prices of basic commodities are up next. The president's economic managers say these effects are temporary. But some economists say prices will even go higher and will reach their peak in the third quarter of the year.

President Duterte warns his Cabinet members will be held liable if his key projects are delayed or faulty.

The country's economic managers are expecting that prices of goods will rise at a rate faster that their target for the year. They are now hiking their 2018 inflation forecast within 4 to 4.5 percent from the usual 2 to 4 percent. Despite this, they are still optimistic inflation will cool down a bit in the coming months and next year.

This means prices of goods are rising faster than expected.

The Philippines commissions two new aircraft from Indonesia as part of the modernization program of the AFP.

Some opposition lawmakers in both houses of Congress file resolutions, seeking to investigate the Philippine National Police's crackdown on "tambays." The PNP welcomes this, saying it will prove that the policy does more good than harm to the public.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is ready to face any possible probe by Congress on their policy of cracking down on 'tambays.'

President Duterte is drawing flak for calling God stupid and also lambasting the creation story in the Bible.

Workers at NutriAsia again protested in its factory in Bulacan. They are fighting to be reinstated. But NutriAsia says its contractor B-Mirk Group is not a fly-by-night company.

The sun on the Philippine flag may soon get a ninth ray thanks to a bill making its way through congress.