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MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago said this first batch of enforcers will undergo training by the Traffic Discipline Office on how to properly use the batons for self-defense.

At least four Filipinos are on board the Chinese vessel Ke Xue which is doing its research on Benham Rise.

Local and international scientists are interested in studying Benham Rise beyond its rich biodiversity.

A group of local scientists previously held two research activities in Benham Rise.

A former national security adviser warned of China's 'hidden agenda' in conducting research in Benham Rise, saying it poses serious security threats.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get an appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs to apply for or renew your passport. Although there is the department's head office and 27 satellite offices in and outside of Metro Manila, appointment schedules are full until March. There are even those enterprising applicants who've had to drive or fly to another province just to get the hardest government-issued document to come by. And this has been going on for quite a bit, leaving the DFA with nothing to do but explain, before things get out of hand.

Starting this month, PhilHealth is charging more for contributions. Some members are fine with it, as long as it means better medical benefits.

Starting this month, PhilHealth will charge more for premium contributions.

Theologian Monsignor Sabino Vengco Jr. told CNN Philippines that there is one explanation for the Filipinos' obsessive devotion: the Nazarene's black shade.

Transport regulators estimate more than half of the 270,000 jeepneys plying the streets should be off the roads and not on them. This is part of the overall Public Utility Vehicle modernization program that is, as expected, unpopular with transport groups.