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Immigration personnel manning counters at airports may not be enough the peak season. A handful of their colleagues are absent due to overtime pay issues.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) plans to place members of the military at immigration counters if the situation at the country's international airports worsens due to lack of Immigration personnel

On May 8, martial law victims with approved claims for reparation will finally get their initial cash pay-out.

A group said it received reports that more than 20,000 claims for reparation for martial law victims have been denied by the human rights victims claims board. But the board won't release the complete numbers until it finishes processing all 75,000 claims.

The Duterte administration wants to fully carry out the Reproductive Health Law, as the government believes it will help reduce poverty and boost the economy. However, pro-life advocates say it is not a cure-all pill.

President Rodrigo Duterte promises to carry out the reproductive health program to manage population growth and boost the economy.

Photography takes children with autism to greater heights, allowing them to see the world from different angles.

Analysts believe the absence of a strong, unifying leader is hurting the political opposition.

Political lines in Congress are getting clearer, but an analyst points out, members of the minority bloc still comprise a 'reluctant opposition.'

As deaths from motorcycle accidents continue to rise, safety advocates are pushing for more intensive driver education, as well as stricter screening and testing procedures.