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Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III made his first public appearance visiting the tomb of his mother, former President Corazon Aquino. She is celebrating her 84th birth anniversary.

The Senate started its investigation on the alleged bribery at the Bureau of Immigration. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, along with former officials who allegedly accepted ₱50 million worth of payoffs, was grilled by the committee.

Hopes are still high for President Duterte to fulfill his promise of raising the pension of Social Security System members. Our senior correspondent Ruth Cabal finds out what's in black and white that only needs the president's signature.

President Rodrigo Duterte made it a campaign promise. But now, he's taking time to approve the increase in SSS pension because he wants a win-win solution. For now, it seems retirees need more patience.

Piccolo is cheap, simple-to-use, and readily available in neighborhood sari-sari stores and public markets. It's also toxic and causes the most injuries to children every year.

It's a tall order from President Duterte: put an end to contractualization. After six months, the Labor department finally has something in black and white to enforce that order.

Dangerous.. Harmful to health and the environment. That's how many describe firecrackers. But manufacturers say not all are hazardous. Senior correspondent Ruth Cabal talks to pyrotechnics makers and factory workers about the proposed total ban on firecrackers.

Hundreds of New Year revelers suffer from firecracker-related injuries each year. Some groups are calling for a nationwide firecracker ban. But will this be effective? Senior Correspondent Ruth Cabal finds out in this second part of CNN Philippines Investigates.

Despite a government ban against the sale of imported firecrackers this new year, CNN Philippines still found illegal firecrackers sold in Divisoria, including piccolo, which has been the top cause of firecracker-related injuries over the years.

Balikbayan boxes play an important role not only for Filipinos working abroad, but also for their families. Over the years, these boxes have become an expression of love, hard work, and dedication. But more than what's inside, a balikbayan box is a story, a connection — a gift.