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about 2 hours ago

A full day for President Rodrigo Duterte today not just for ASEAN events, but also because of Indonesian President Joko Widodo's state visit. The President hosted a state banquet for the Indonesian leader in Malacañang Friday evening.

about 3 hours ago

Government and business leaders gather to discuss how the poor can enjoy the region's economic gains. They say, if ASEAN is to succeed, everyone must move forward together.

about 3 hours ago

Regional security, trade and people-to-people connectivity. These are some of the highlights of the joint statement of President Rodrigo Duterte and Indonesian President Joko Widodo after their bilateral meeting in Malacañang on Thursday.

about 3 hours ago

All 10 ASEAN leaders are already in town on the eve of the summit. While they prepare for the big day tomorrow, their foreign ministers express concern about rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

about 3 hours ago

ASEAN leaders and their spouses at tomorrow night's gala will wear creations by top Filipino designers Rajo Laurel and Rhett Eala.

about 4 hours ago

The document, which will be released after the ASEAN Summit on Saturday, will no longer mention "respect for legal and diplomatic processes."

about 5 hours ago

After North Korea reportedly wrote to ASEAN about its row with the United States and South Korea, it might not like what ASEAN ministers have to say.

about 6 hours ago

Despite its growing economy, poverty remains — and ASEAN is looking to micro, small and medium enterprises to solve that.

about 8 hours ago

The Foreign Ministers' Meeting is the main preparatory meeting for the third day of the ASEAN Summit.

about 9 hours ago

The launch of a ferry shipping route between Philippines and Indonesia Sunday will strengthen trade relations between the two countries.