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about 1 month ago

Senator Koko Pimentel says Xiamen Airlines should pay for the disruption the runway mishap caused.

about 8 months ago

The Philippines' flag carrier is the first Filipino airline to bag the rating.

about 9 months ago

There's never been a safer time to hop on a plane.

about 2 years ago

Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya inspects the new radar center of the Civil Aviation Authority. CNN Philippines tells how this Japan-funded project can help our airports and the aviation industry.

about 2 years ago

A group of Chinese airlines will begin putting restrictions on "uncivilized passengers."

about 2 years ago

A whopping 18½-hour journey between Doha, Qatar, and Auckland, New Zealand, is poised to become the world's longest direct flight if Qatar Airways follows through with plans for the new route.

about 3 years ago

As US Airways makes its final flight, experts weigh in on the "golden age" of air travel and whether airline megamergers have been good for travelers.