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about 3 weeks ago

The miracle on Wall Street has lifted the gloom in Asian markets.

about 3 weeks ago

Wall Street's Christmas rout has spilled into Asia.

about 4 months ago

The peso closes today at a fresh near thirteen-year low of ₱53.94 from Monday's ₱53.88, inching closer to the ₱53.98 mark on December 7, 2005.

about 8 months ago

Hiring more women could supercharge Asia's economies.

about 11 months ago

In just one year, U.S. President Donald Trump has changed the way Asia looks at the United States.

about 1 year ago

Increasingly severe weather, triggered by climate change, is putting hundreds of millions of people at risk across the rapidly developing countries of southern Asia.

about 2 years ago

Not without controversy, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tops our list by winning his nation's presidency in a landslide this May and subsequently upending, rethinking and reshaping the state of affairs -- for good or for bad -- at home and abroad.

about 2 years ago

The Philippines is among the highest-ranked Asian countries when it comes to relationship satisfaction.

about 2 years ago

Before his visit to Tokyo, President Rodrigo Duterte announced in Beijing that he'd align his ideological flow with China and Russia. But what does that exactly mean? Senior Correspondent Ruth Cabal finds out in Part 1 of her special report.

about 2 years ago

More than half of workers in five Southeast Asian countries are at high risk of losing their jobs to automation in the next two decades, an International Labour Organization study found, with those in the garments industry particularly vulnerable.