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about 3 hours ago

The Asian Development Bank has lowered its growth forecast for the Philippines this year and next due to higher inflation, lower exports, lower agricultural output, and rising interest rates.

about 1 month ago

This falls short of the government target of 7 to 8 percent GDP for the year.

about 1 month ago

The stock market is on a bearish mode Thursday in response to disappointing second quarter growth figures.

about 4 months ago

The Philippine economy grew by 6.8 percent for the first quarter of the year, a few notches short of the government's target.

about 8 months ago

Moody's forecasts stable credit conditions in Asia.

about 10 months ago

The government says stronger exports and better government spending were the biggest contributors to the country's third-quarter growth.

about 1 year ago

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia says higher government spending contributed to the slightly increase in economic growth in the three months to June.

about 1 year ago

According to a report of the International Monetary fund, the Philippine's GDP will remain strong at 6.8 percent, with a 0.1 percent increase the following year.

about 1 year ago

The GDP picked up in 2016, further marking the Philippines as one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia.

about 1 year ago

The economy grows by over seven percent in the first three months of the Duterte administration. This makes the country the fastest-growing economy in Asia.