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about 13 hours ago

ISIS now controls an area of Syria measuring just 700 square meters, a commander with the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said Saturday.

about 5 days ago

A new Pentagon report says the U.S. government is encouraging other countries to accelerate efforts to repatriate foreign ISIS fighters to their home countries for prosecution. Progress has been difficult, though, due to political concerns and the challenges of gathering legal evidence to support prosecutions once they have returned.

about 6 days ago

Fighters from the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have launched an assault to oust ISIS from its last remaining enclave in Syria, the final remnant of the jihadist group's so-called "caliphate."

about 1 week ago

As darkness crept over eastern Syria, Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led coalition aircraft and using artillery and heavy machine guns began an assault of the last ISIS enclave in the country.

about 1 week ago

These women are a long, long way from home.

about 1 week ago

As the war against ISIS wanes, civilians returning to their homes in Iraq and Syria are discovering wastelands where towns once stood — urban moonscapes of twisted metal, shattered concrete, unexploded bombs and mines.

about 1 week ago

U.S. President Donald Trump praised the U.S. and its allies for progress made in the fight against ISIS in a speech that failed discuss the diplomatic and policy implications of his sudden decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria.

about 1 week ago

John Cantlie, a British journalist who was taken hostage in Syria in 2012 and appeared in a number of ISIS propaganda videos during his time in captivity, is believed to be alive, UK Security Minister Ben Wallace said Tuesday.

about 1 week ago

President Donald Trump acknowledges the possibility that ISIS and other terror groups can regain their strength in Syria and Afghanistan if he withdraws or reduces troops in those countries and notes that he will send U.S. forces back if they did.

about 2 weeks ago

U.S. President Donald Trump chastised his own intelligence officials Wednesday morning for being soft on Iran a day after they contradicted numerous administration claims of foreign policy success.