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about 2 days ago

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority started strictly implementing the "motorcycle lane" policy today. While some riders welcome this policy others say they don't feel safe driving on a single lane on EDSA.

about 4 days ago

It's the first day of what the MMDA calls stricter enforcement of the yellow lane rule on EDSA. These lanes are reserved for public utility vehicles likes buses, UV express vans and taxis.

about 6 days ago

Transport officials say better enforcement will help manage traffic on the often-gridlocked highway.

about 1 week ago

Remember when traffic enforcers used to be strict about bus and motorcycle lanes on EDSA? Well, those days are back.

about 1 week ago

The two leftmost lanes of EDSA are reserved for ASEAN delegates and vehicle services.

about 2 weeks ago

Authorities held a test run for the special point-to point bus service it will offer to MRT passengers beginning tomorrow. The trip took much longer than expected but authorities said the dry run was successful in giving commuters an option in case of train shortage or breakdown.

about 2 weeks ago

As less trains on the MRT-3 carry fewer passengers, transport officials scramble for alternatives to commuters' woes.

about 3 weeks ago

MMDA is closing several roads to ease traffic around cemeteries

about 1 month ago

Find out what roads you should avoid this Sunday.

about 1 month ago

Traffic managers are finding ways to decongest Metro Manila, especially since the holidays are just around the corner. But some of their ideas are getting mixed reactions from motorists.