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about 1 month ago

It's been 32 years since the nation fought for democracy. Filipinos celebrate the People Power revolution and remember the human rights violations during martial law.

about 2 months ago

For five Supreme Court justices, there is no need to prolong martial law in Mindanao until the end of 2018.

about 3 months ago

Opposition lawmakers on Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to reject the extension of martial law in Mindanao until the end of 2018.

about 4 months ago

BUHAY Party-list Representative Lito Atienza maintains any extension should not go beyond 60 days, as provided by the Constitution.

about 4 months ago

Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra says there are still other instances of rebellion outside of Marawi City.

about 4 months ago

According to former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, extending martial law requires actual rebellion, but in President Duterte's letter to Congress, there is no reference to actual rebellion in Mindanao.

about 6 months ago

Task Force Ranao Deputy Commander Col. Romeo Brawner said this day is not yet over.

about 7 months ago

Former President Benigno Aquino III and Vice President Leni Robredo attended a mass for justice at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice inside UP Diliman campus Thursday.

about 7 months ago

The Minister of Public Information who announced the declaration of martial law on-air in 1972 said President Duterte should not make threats on proclaiming nationwide martial law.

about 7 months ago

Voices of protest went beyond the streets to the digital highway on Thursday.