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about 17 hours ago

Government troops have recovered the third and last bridge in Marawi once controlled by Maute terrorists, sources on the ground say as fighting in war-torn Marawi intensifies.

about 1 day ago

Government troops are gaining more ground in war-torn Marawi City. Sources tell CNN Philippines, government forces have recovered Raya Madaya or Masiu Bridge, once controlled by the Maute terrorists.

about 4 days ago

Government troops risk life and limb to liberate villages inside the main battle area of Marawi City. But with the strong resistance from the ISIS-inspired Maute group, structures and properties also became casualties of the battle, apart from lives lost.

about 5 days ago

The military says fighting in Marawi continues even after the recovery of Maute stronghold Bato Ali mosque and the rescue of Marawi priest Fr. Chito Soganub.

about 6 days ago

The Joint Task Force Marawi said hostages forced to fight the government forces will be treated as "combatants."

about 1 week ago

The military has released videos recovered from Maute fighters during combat operations in the main battle area of Marawi City. The videos reveal the skills and tactics of the terrorists.

about 1 week ago

The military says they are in their final stage of liberating Marawi City. There's still no timeline, but they say the process may speed up if remaining fighters will heed their call to surrender.

about 1 week ago

Away from political debates in the halls of Congress, we go to the real battle in Marawi City. The military is determined to finish the fight and liberate the city from ISIS-inspired terrorists.

about 2 weeks ago

Explosions from home-made bombs remain to be the one of the main causes of government casualties inside the battle zone in Marawi City. A recovered video from Maute fighters show terrorists leaving an improvised explosive device inside a building where they once stayed.

about 2 weeks ago

It's the second time a stray bullet incident happened near a state university in Marawi this week. This only proves that the situation in the war-torn city is becoming more dangerous as the fighting between the military and Maute terrorists intensifies.