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about 1 week ago

The country's economy slows down in the second quarter. Authorities point to recent events in policies that weigh down on the country's growth which is the slowest in three years. And for the Duterte administration, the figure fall short of the government's target and even below estimates of economists and analysts.

about 2 weeks ago

The country will sustain its robust economic growth in the next few years on the back of the government's infrastructure program, according to international credit rating agency Moody's Investor Services.

about 2 weeks ago

The economic think tank flagged inflation, lower remittances, and the shutdown of Boracay as factors that could dampen economic growth.

about 3 weeks ago

With a sense of urgency, President Rodrigo Duterte pitched to Congress his administration's top economic measures during his third SONA. Among them, the passage of the rice tarrification law that seeks to convert rice import caps into tariffs, the second package of the tax reform law, and the lowering of telco charges.

about 1 month ago

After the latest round of jeepney fare and power rate increases, prices of basic commodities are up next. The president's economic managers say these effects are temporary. But some economists say prices will even go higher and will reach their peak in the third quarter of the year.

about 1 month ago

The country's economic managers are expecting that prices of goods will rise at a rate faster that their target for the year. They are now hiking their 2018 inflation forecast within 4 to 4.5 percent from the usual 2 to 4 percent. Despite this, they are still optimistic inflation will cool down a bit in the coming months and next year.

about 2 months ago

Optimism in personal and economic prospects remain "excellent" despite all-around decline in ratings, according to an independent pollster.

about 3 months ago

The country's economy slightly improved in the first quarter as measured by the gross domestic product (GDP).

about 3 months ago

The Philippine economy is expected to grow by 7% over the coming years, President Rodrigo Duterte told Asian Development Bank officials.

about 6 months ago

Malacanang welcomes the Philippine Stock Exchange's (PSE) new record as shares closed at a record high Friday.