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about 5 hours ago

Vice President Leni Robredo on Thursday opposed President Rodrigo Duterte's plans of a "harsher" anti-drug campaign, which he himself said could be bloody.

about 7 hours ago

The Chinese government supports the prosecution of its citizen who threw a soy snack at a Filipino policeman.

about 8 hours ago

President Rodrigo Duterte seems more convinced now that businessman Peter Lim is involved in illegal drug operations.

about 9 hours ago

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law granting 105 days of paid maternity leave to working women.

about 11 hours ago

The task force is mandated to implement environmental laws and fast-track the government's compliance with the 2008 Supreme Court order to clean up the body of water.

about 12 hours ago

During the ceremonial signing of a number of laws, President Duterte again brought up his war on drugs.

about 1 day ago

President Rodrigo Duterte says that his controversial and violent anti-drug campaign will intensify.

about 1 day ago

In a letter addressed to Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, the news website said the ban violates 'a basic constitutional principle that no law or rule should be passed abridging the freedom of the press.'

about 1 day ago

Several senators and public officials have called out National Youth Commission Ronald Cardema for his directive against 'anti-government' state scholars.

about 1 day ago

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday signed the Revised Corporation Code, which amends certain provisions of the old law and allows for a person to register a corporation by oneself.