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about 4 months ago

About 86 percent of Filipinos reported being strongly affected by the rise in prices of food and other basic commodities.

about 8 months ago

The President leads the list of top government officials who Filipinos approve of and trust.

about 10 months ago

The Pulse Asia on Friday released comparative performance and trust ratings of Duterte and his predecessors.

about 11 months ago

An increase in the number of Filipinos who believe extrajudicial killings happen in the war on drugs has not stifled support for the administration's anti-drug campaign.

about 11 months ago

Former senator Bongbong Marcos speculates trust and satisfaction surveys are part of alleged efforts to destabilize President Rodrigo Duterte's administration.

about 1 year ago

President Rodrigo Duterte has always been vocal in his intentions of getting on the good side of Russia and China.

about 1 year ago

Most Filipinos see pay raises, controlling inflation, and job creation as the three most pressing concerns of the administration

about 1 year ago

President Rodrigo Duterte's ratings remain high with nearly eight in 10 Filipinos appreciating his work.

about 1 year ago

After five months in office, what can you say about the government's anti-crime efforts?

about 2 years ago

Is Charter change a good idea? A recent Pulse Asia survey shows 44 percent of Filipinos are opposed to it.