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about 3 weeks ago

How do you say "frappuccino" in American Sign Language?

about 4 months ago

The coffee company announced Monday that it will phase out plastic straws from all of its stores by 2020.

about 5 months ago

A barista at a Starbucks in La Cañada Flintridge is accused of printing a racial slur on a Latino customer's drinks on Tuesday.

about 6 months ago

The two men, who were waiting for a friend, were arrested for trespassing after the store manager called the police.

about 6 months ago

The announcement follows an uproar over the arrest of two black men who were waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks last week.

about 7 months ago

After years of trying to engineer a more environmentally friendly coffee cup, Starbucks is turning to you for ideas. And it's willing to pay.

about 1 year ago

The drink starts out purple with blue swirls and tastes sweet and fruity. But if you stir it then it becomes pink, tangy and tart, Starbucks said.

about 1 year ago

The company announced its plans for a hiring spree at its annual shareholders meeting Wednesday.

about 1 year ago

Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz outlined the company's plan in a memo sent to employees Sunday in response to President Trump's executive order banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

about 2 years ago

"Starbucks is advertising the size of its Cold Drink cups on its menu, rather than the amount of fluid a customer will receive when they purchase a Cold Drink – and deceiving its customers in the process," the suit says.