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about 2 weeks ago

Is media in this country under threat?

about 1 month ago

The three journalists -- Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguyev and Orkhan Dzhemal -- went to the Central African Republic in July 2018 to investigate the activities of Russian private military contractors.

about 1 year ago

Reporters Without Borders confirmed at least four Filipino journalists died on the job or in relation to their work this year.

about 2 years ago

President Duterte creates a task force that will protect the media from threats. Malacañang says online threats are also covered.

about 2 years ago

The Presidential Task Force on Violence Against Media Workers has the job of ensuring a safe environment for media.

about 2 years ago

The chief of the United Nations slammed President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's 'apparent endorsement' of killing.

about 2 years ago

In response to statements issued by U.N. rapporteurs, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he does not condone the killing of journalists regardless of the motives.

about 2 years ago

The remarks of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte that seem to justify media killings are getting a lot of strong reaction. According to Duterte, journalists are usually killed because they are corrupt, saying if a journalist is honest, there's no need to worry about getting killed.

about 2 years ago

President-elect condemns journalists’ irresponsible and corrupt practices in the country, considered one of the deadliest places in the world for journalists.

about 3 years ago

Sorsogon radioman Teodoro Escanilla of DZMS was gunned down in his home on Tuesday night (August 19). But before Escanilla was killed, Davao del Norte Press and Radio-TV Club (DNPRC) president Gregorio Ybanez was also fatally shot by an unidentified gun man.