Profiles: Bobby Mañosa

We pay tribute to newly-conferred National Artist for Architecture, Francisco ‘Bobby’ Mañosa, as we revisit our Earth Day feature on green architecture through the Mañosa Group of Companies.

We look back on the work of the architectural icon, who, even before 'green architecture' became a buzzword, was incorporating environmentally-friendly principles into his designs since he began his career about six decades ago — encouraging Filipinos to build and design structures that respect nature.

We catch up with the Mañosa children — Bambi, Dino, and Gelo — at the bahay kubo home their father built in Alabang, where they grew up. They talk about being raised by a visionary artist, pushing the boundaries of modern Filipino architecture and incorporating technological innovations, and keeping their father’s legacy alive. We also get a special tour of Gelo’s home, a marvel of green design and sustainable innovation.