How First Gen is paving the way for clean energy

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Power generation shouldn't be all that bad for the environment.

With the right energy source, the electricity that flows to our sockets can be clean and green.

This is how the Lopez-owned First Gen Corporation (First Gen), a power generation company, has been operating, with the promise of guilt-free power supply for all.

The company provided 21.3 percent of the country's power supply needs in 2018 without relying on coal power. Instead, it uses five clean sources of energy, which are surely environment-friendly:

1. Natural gas prevents seven million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels. In 2018, the use of natural gas prevented the release of 7 million tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to getting 1.5 million cars off the road, recycling 2.4 million tons of waste, or planting 181 million trees over a decade compared to coal power.

Using natural gas (vs. coal) in power plants also means emitting less sodium oxide and nitrogen oxide and eliminates ash and sludge discharges that could affect public health and the environment.

2. Geothermal is one of the most reliable sources of energy.

Rather than using coal to generate heat, high temperatures beneath the earth's surface run geothermal plants.

It is considered among the most dependable power sources as it draws from the readily available heated layer of the planet. This creates steam, which powers turbines to generate electricity. It helps that the Philippines is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which makes geothermal power abundant in the country.

3. The wind is among the most efficient power sources.

Wind-powered turbines convert kinetic energy from wind to generate electricity. It has the lowest environmental impact, produces zero emissions, and saves billions of gallons of water yearly.

4. Solar energy has the least emissions.

Sourced from the sun, solar energy serves as the most abundant source of renewable energy. It is also considered one of the cleaner sources because it does not have harmful emissions and does not contribute to noise pollution. The panels simply absorb the sun's heat with no fuss, as opposed to mechanical processes often needed to process other sources of power.

5. Flowing water can be tapped for electricity, too.

Hydropower generates electricity using flowing water, causing no pollution. It also helps in flood control, irrigation, and water supply.

First Gen's totally clean energy portfolio — which is 100 percent low-carbon and has zero coal components — helps the environment rather than ruin it, providing sustainable power sources for all. With multiple renewable sources, the company proves that there are more ways beyond coal to generate electricity without causing much harm to the environment.